Morrison Editing

Academic Editing Services



I have worked as an academic in universities in Australia, France and Fiji since obtaining my PhD in 2002. In that time I have published over 75 book chapters and journal articles along with numerous industry monographs, consultancy reports and magazine articles.

For the past 15 years I have worked as a freelance academic editor and/or proof reader. I have edited 200+ journal manuscripts, book chapters, abstracts, conference proceedings and industry reports in the fields of:

  • marine and terrestrial ecology
  • conservation management
  • applied chemistry and clean energy
  • education 
  • climate change
  • law
  • ethnobiology
  • engineering
  • ecological economics
  • ​tourism
  • applied psychology

These editing tasks were done on behalf of individual academics, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and research organisations. I have also edited more than 50 postgraduate theses (PhD, Masters and Honours) in similar fields.

I was born and raised in Fiji and have spent the majority of my life surrounded by non-native English speakers. As such, I understand and appreciate the difficulty that non-native English speakers have when trying to communicate in English.  Most of the work I have done to date has been for academics and students from these backgrounds. In many cases the work they have done is brilliant, they just need helping presenting it to the scientific community at an acceptable standard.

During the last 15 years I have also mentored postgraduate students to improve their general skills as scientists/researchers by focusing on transferable skills that are critical to all stages of their research. These skills include critical thinking and planning, experimental design, time management, project management, and effective communication (both written and oral). I also provide advice on academic writing for publication, funding applications and thesis production.