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"Clare's services as a scientific editor are superb!  Clare has assisted in proofing a number of my students theses and research papers and is always able to provide constructive commentary in a short time frame.  Clare is not only able to to provide feedback on the use of the English language, but given her scientific expertise, is also often able to comment on the relevance and / or purpose of the subject at hand.  Her reviews are objective, forthright and speedy; everything you need in today's fast-paced academic research environment.  I have no hesitation in recommending Clare should you require these services. It will undoubtedly be the best value for money investment you can make!"

Dr Guy Castley
Environment Futures Research Institute, Griffith University

“No one in their right mind would miss an opportunity to work with Dr Clare Morrison – her work is exceptionally professional and ethically beyond reproach. On top of her internationally recognized academic expertise, she has a sharp eye and a logical reader friendly style that makes her outputs very high quality.”

Assoc. Prof.  Gilianne Brodie
Head of School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
University of the South Pacific

"Dr Clare Morrison has collaborated with me on a range of research projects producing high quality, well witten papers and industry monographs. More recently she has proof read papers for me as well as editing/proof reading papers and research theses for my PhD students.  In all of this she works to a high standard which she is able to combine with a high level of efficiency. I fully recommend her both as a researcher and as someone who can edit or proof read theses and papers."

Prof. Catherine Pickering

Deputy Head of School, School of Environment, Griffith University

"Since 2008 Dr Clare Morrison has provided Conservation International (CI) Fiji Program with her editing skills especially involving large scientific reports.  She is always on time, thorough and very professional in her work.  As a scientist herself she also provides valuable advice to CI about any matter relating to scientific publication."

Isaac Rounds
Carbon Off-set Manager
Conservation International, Fiji Program

"Clare has been an excellent editor for my group in the last 15 years. She is able to not only correct grammatical errors and typos, but also suggest better structure and clearer descriptions for chemical and biochemical work. My PhD students have benefited immensely from her editing."

Prof. Shanqing Zhang

School of Environment, Griffith University

"After going through Clare's comments and editing, I am very pleased with her work. I sought help from 2 other editors before, and wish to say that she is the best among all. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. I can see the sentences flow much better after her editing, and thank her so much for pointing out all the mistakes in the statistics. I went back to the data file and updated some information based on her comments. I can't say enough how much I appreciate her help. I definitely highly recommend her to other students."

Dr Amy Wong

Clinical Psychologist, PhD student, Queensland University of Technology

"Since I started to write my first publication during my PhD in 2011 at Griffith University Dr Clare Morrison has edited all the manuscripts I have written. She improved my manuscripts and PhD thesis enormously through a sharp look at grammar, text structure, typos, representation of tables and figures and content. Thanks to her excellent editing I have been able to publish seven scientific papers in international journals and two book chapters as well as finish my PhD thesis. Having such an excellent scientist as an editor is a privilege for any researcher wanting to improve the quality of their papers."

Dr Agustina Barros
Research Fellow,

Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Argentina

"Clare Morrison has helped with editing a local grassroots conservation magazine, Melanesian Geo for a number of years now. Her work has always been of the best quality and the turn around time very fast . We have continued to use her editing skills for a number of publications including scientific articles. I highly recommend her."

Dr Patrick Pikacha
Editor, Melanesian Geo, Solomon Islands

"Editing my PhD thesis was executed extremely well by Dr. Morrison. Rapid and efficient, the service provided exactly what I wanted and I gained valuable time in the submission process"

Alexa Mossaz

PhD student, Griffith University

"In the past eight years, about 20 manuscripts of mine or my co-authors have been edited by Dr Morrison. She is a great editor and improves our manuscripts. After our manuscripts were edited by Dr Morrison, the quality was totally improved, including the enhancement of language, logic, organization, structure and some professional scientific fundamentals. All our manuscripts edited by Dr Morrison have been successfully published. Compared to other editing institutes, the price of Dr Morrison’ editing is cheap, about 70-80% of average market prices. Overall, I highly recommend Dr Morrison."

Dr Yong Hong Wu

Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

"Dr Clare Morrison's editing and proof-reading skills are exceptional. I have had the pleasure of working with Clare for the past 4 years and she has been my go-to person for editing papers prior to submission. She has now worked on five of my academic publications and I will continue to use her skills in the future. I find Clare excels in her fast turn-around time, attention to detail and her friendly, personal manner in which she corresponds."

Mark Ballantyne

PhD student, Environment Futures Research Institute, Griffith University